NorthStar Aviation’s success is built on a strong commitment to
our core values of honesty and integrity in all relationships.


We know from experience that teamwork is the key to successful projects. With NorthStar acting as Prime Contractor, we ensure our clients have access to all platform and component manufacturers working on each project, enabling early identification of potential issues, building trust, accountability and efficiency.


We can offer a wide variety of basic platform options and utilize an extensive network of component manufacturers. We work side-by- side with government and military clients to develop and deliver exacting solutions for their specific needs.


We realize that as situations change, our clients’ needs can change. Our team has the maturity and flexibility to manage the evolution of a project with assurance. Our solutions are designed to allow for future expansion and a variety of configurations.


We understand the value of experience in ensuring the effective delivery of projects. That is why our core management team each have between 20 and 30 years of aviation experience. All NorthStar personnel are experts in their field.


We recognize the importance of long-term relationships with our clients and build them on trust. We instil honesty and integrity into every employee as a core value, which is demonstrated to our clients in every aspect of the relationship.


We understand our clients’ needs areoftentime-critical. Whenwe make a promise to deliver, we do not rest until that promise has been kept.